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Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking is one of the pioneers of Trekking, tour and expedition in Nepal which was established in January 06, 1978, with a motto ‘Enhancing Tourism possibilities across the globe’. Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking is proud to be recognized as the second Trekking and Adventure organizer authorized by Tourism Board of Nepal. It has successfully been catering its world class service to the travelers around the globe since its establishment. We have strong dedication and commitment to make every holiday trip a memorable for the lifetime. We basically focus on safety and luxury which has categorized as a distinctive trekking and adventure organizer in Nepal. We have the experience of more than 40 years in tourism.

Our experienced and equipped team is always prompt and enthusiastic to cater the best class service to the guests. Their passion to organize and operate the trip program in unique way is praiseworthy. They are always found to be keen to explore new trekking, tour and other exciting adventure activities and offer to the travel enthusiasts in order to uncover the hidden mystery.

We honor our team, environment, culture and simultaneously enhance sustainable tourism. Because of the quality and reliable service we offer, we have above 80 % above repeated clients. We do treat them as the members of same family and some of them are our business advertisers as well. We offer thrills of adventure and pleasure during the trip. Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking has maintained good goodwill in international arena and at home.

Therefore, the tourists across the globe can rely and trust on Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking for a pleasant, adventurous, luxurious, economical and a memorable holiday trip in Nepal. We are committed to cater a world class service protecting natural and cultural heritage.

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