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Jan 09, 2023

Sherpa Expeditions & Trekking partners with American Non-profit organization

Sherpa Expeditions & Trekking partners with American Non-profit organization  ArtsSavingHearts founder Bilva Vedamurthy,  to Empower porters both mentally and physically:

Arts Saving hearts  NPO with a mission “Empower to Empathize” wanted to empower porters mentally and physically by enabling them to do their job at their best of their ability. We have set up collection stations in the Bay Area, California locations to collect shoes and send periodically to Nepal. We have partnered with Sherpa Expeditions & trekking Ltd company  to help distribute the shoes to Himalayan trekking porters in Nepal. Thanks to Sherpa Expedition for partnering in this great cause to help us empower porters wellness, help make a positive impact on the lives of these porters Till date we have sent over 200+ footwear and jackets to porters. 

One of the porter said “ Now I can do my job peacefully with one less worry”

          Using the right gear for the job is important because it can help to ensure safety , efficiency, mentally empowering as it allows you to feel confident and capable in your ability to complete the task/goals.  This can help boost your self-esteem and increase your overall feelings of safety and satisfaction. On the other hand, if you are trying to complete a task with the wrong gear, it can be frustrating and demoralizing .Living in the shadow of the 8,848m high Everest, the porters live in conditions of extreme poverty, unable to buy simple necessities such as decent shoes! Especially if their living is dependent on their foot traveling service on average of 8-10 hours per day in rough terrain. One third of porters injuries are due to frostbites , wearing and tearing without having proper gear. 

Sherpa Expeditions & Trekking  Ltd, not only care about their customers getting the best experience they also immensely care about their team that includes guides, porters etc. On behalf ArtsSavingHearts I would like to thank Sherpa Expedition & Trekking for their attempts to create safer experience for their porters and allowing me to Empower them.

By Bilva Vedamurthy

Founder of

“Empathize to Empower”

California, USA

To all hiking community, here is your guide to using the right gear: Packing List

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