Camping Trek

Camping Trek is a classic style of a trek especially conducted in remote areas supplying for all camping equipment along with food, employee, sherpas, and tents. You will be given all the meals and accommodation in a tent. Camping trek is away from the more frequented trials which provide wilderness experience in both natural and cultural aspects. Get the best view of remote mountains where people are surviving by the agriculture and untouched to buy modern civilization, no politic only the peaceful place with greenery.T his trek gives you the experiences of real Nepal and also helps to develop the poor areas economically. In some of the places, there are no tea houses and lodge so camping is only an option.

In more remote areas you cannot rely on finding accommodation so you’ll need to arrange a full camping trek. You can arrange this independently, hiring a couple of porters and a cook through a trekking agency put providing your own tents and food, or you can let a trekking agency but providing your own tents and food, or you can let a trekking agency arrange the whole thing, from porters to a dining tent.

There are Certain completely empty areas in Nepal and people live in even the most remote trekking areas, so the completely self-sufficient trekking style of carrying all your own gear, a stove, food, water, and a tent is usually unnecessary.

Even if you plan to travel light in a small group of two or three, you’ll still need the minimum number of crew. You’ll likely need a porter to carry some of your gear, and that porter will also need to carry his own gear and tent, so you’ll need another porter to help him carry that, as well as his gear and probably a stove for them. Two trekkers can just about get away with two porters and a cook-porter, but it’s harder to travel any lighter than that.

Our staff will carry a kerosene stove, kitchen gear and a certain amount of dried foods, restocking with rice and fresh vegetables in local villages as you go. Because you’ll carry tents and a stove for the crew. you do not have to camp near villages, and can trek comfortably to remote regions and high altitudes, enjoying the solitude of remote valleys and your own private Himalayan views. 

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