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Where is Nepal?

Nepal is located in South Asia, bordered by China to the North and India to the East, west, and south Having the length if 885 km from east-west and 145 to 241 km from north-south.

How do I get to Nepal?

You need a visa to travel Nepal which you can get easily upon your arrival to the International airport in Nepal on paying USD 25$ for 15days, USD 40$ for 30 $, USD 100$ FOR 90 days.

What is the best season for trekking?

Trekking in Nepal can be undertaken throughout the year. Best time for trekking in Nepal is from March to early May and from September to November. December to February it’s a good time to trek to avoid the crowd but you need to be prepared for the cold temperature -20 degree Celcius.  June to August is a rainy season and during that period we did not recommend trekking. In June to August is the only time you can trek then you can contact us and we can help and suggest you.

All your Departure is guaranteed to run?

Yes! Most of our departures sell out during the peak season but during the offseason, we generally have smaller groups. We guarantee all departures so once you make the deposit you can be assured we will run the trek for you.

Will Guide speaks English?

All of our guides are well trained speaks good English. They have many years of experience working with the guest from all over the world and they are friendly and good at connecting with the people.

Who can go?


Is there any age limit trekking in the Himalayan region?

No there is no age limit but yes you should be healthy and physically fit. We have many families and kids who had trekked in the Annapurna region. We suggest that families who are trekking with the kids should make their schedule a little bit longer means they should book a few extra days. Feel free to ask any doubt and ask about your arrangements.

Is Trekking Experience really necessary?

Previous, hiking or trekking experience is always good and a plus point. But we had a lot of first-time trekkers with us so if you don’t have an experience you will get it with our good company. Your fitness should be there so that you will feel comfortable walking all day

Are solo Female trekkers safe in the Himalayas?

Safety is always the first concern when hiking/trekking alone. We ensure travel safe to our guest, both male and female.  We have a strong and long bond and relation with the Lodge and tea houses, so you don’t have to worry about safety. Our guide is so conscious about your health and safety. We travel with a group so it’s easy to maintain contact with them.

Can I use a credit card when I visit in trekking?

In most of the places in Nepal don’t take credit card, so its limited use. There are many ATM and banks so you can go and withdraw and exchange the currency. ATMs in Kathmandu generally charges 5$ USD  as a service fee and if charges more then you should inform and ask your bank, you can withdraw  25000 rupees per day which is about 215$.

 What extra cost can I Expect?

All the things are included in your trekking packages. We generally suggest you plan on about300-400$ for extra expenses and tips. Extra expenses include items such as Your Nepal Visa, sleeping bag or down jacket rental, showers, Wifi, snacks and charging electrical devices at tea houses along the way. We also suggest you have extra cash or on a credit card in case of flight canceled in Lukla you need to take a Helicopter.

What is the next step once I pay the deposit?

Once you pay the deposit the next step for you is to send a scan or the photo of your passport along with the flight detail. We cannot buy any ticket and permit until we have your passport so kindly send us as soon as possible.

What type of insurance should I have? Where can I obtain the policy?

Travel insurance is mandatory. Please email us your proof of insurance before arriving for the trek and obtaining it for the days you are trekking is your responsibility. Please email us your proof of insurance before arriving for the trek.

What should I pack for my trip?

There is nothing much more needed in the way of trekking you can buy clothing and other equipment can be purchased in Kathmandu after your arrival.
Do you rent a sleeping bag or down jacket?

We can provide a -20C sleeping bag for a $20 rental fee during the trek and down jackets are $15 USD. These will be available at the briefing the night before your flight to Lukla and you can just let the team know that you need one

What about the duffel bag for the porter?

We will provide the duffel bag for you in Kathmandu.  Porters will carry your bag in your trek. Often porters will go ahead of you and you may not get your duffel bag until you reach the tea house. So you need to carry a day backpack during the hike.

What about weight Limits?

Your luggage weight on the flight from Kathmandu to Lukla is 10 kg and you can carry 5 kg of the handbag that is total you can carry 15 kg.

What should I do with a passport and medicine?

Make sure to keep all of your items like important documents and medicine in your bag in your flight and trek too on your own handbag

Can I leave my luggage in Kathmandu during the trek?

Of course, you can leave your luggage in your hotel in Kathmandu.

Arrivals &Visa

Will somebody come to pick me up during arrival?

Yes, our Team Member will be there to welcome you as you step out of the airport
Can I get the visa for Nepal on the arrival at Nepal?

Most of the guest are eligible to get a visa at the airport and it takes between 20-25 minutes depending on a rush. Guest is responsible to check all the visa requirements before arriving. Your passport must have 6 months validity on the date you Enter Nepal.

What sort of hotel I can expect?

We will provide you with the three-star Hotel in Kathmandu and tea houses and lodge during the trek.

What about an extra night in Kathmandu?

Our trekking packages include a 2-night hotel in Kathmandu and yes we can arrange extra nights for 40$ for a single room and 50$ for a double room. Let us know if you need extra nights. You can pay extra nights directly in the hotel.

What  Kind of accommodation is there on the trek?

We use tea house and somewhere lodge on all of your treks. The tea house is a small hotel found in the local villages that offer both a place to sleep as well as a home-cooked meal. Bathrooms are shared during the trek.

What Kind of meals are offered in a trek?

We let the trekkers choose a meal and hot drink from the menu at tea house include; omelets toast, boiled eggs, noodle soup, fried rice, macaroni, momo, vegetarian curry toast, boiled eggs, noodle soup, fried rice, macaroni, momo, vegetarian curry.  We suggest you not to drink nonvegetarian.

Can I charge the electric device in the trek?

Yes, you can charge but they will chare 1-4$per hour for charging.

What about phone calls or Wifi?

You will get Wifi and phone calls in a tea house but another option is to get NepaleseSim card to use data and phone calls. If you want to use Wifi then they will charge 1-3 $.

What are the toilet facilities in Tea house?

Most of our teahouses have a western style toilet and cold water. Bathrooms are shared and not attached to the individual rooms.

Do I need to bring toilet paper?

It's good if you bring along with you if not then you will find easily on the trail at a small shop which may cost 1$.

Is it possible to get the shower on the trek?

At the lower elevations, the tea house has a hot shower where the higher elevation have a bucket of hot water. They generally charge extra 3-5$ for a hot shower.

Is it possible to do Laundry on a trek?

It is possible only in some tea house but due to the weather, it may not help so we suggest you to do laundry when you return from trek at Kathmandu.

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