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destination Kanchanjunga
duration 26 Days
grade High Advance
start/end point Kathmandu/Kathmandu
region Kanchanjunga
max altitude 5143m
group size 2-12
meal All inclusive
activity 5-6 Hrs
accommodation camping /Tea house
season Spring-Summer-Autumn


Trekking Nepal is generally great! However, a trek in the slopes of Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain peak in the world, the Kanchenjunga Base Camp trek in Eastern Nepal.

Will bring you to arguably the most beautiful mountainous terrain in the world. Rising to a staggering height of 8586 m, Kanchenjunga is more than just a mountain in these regions — it’s where the Gods are believed live. Kanchenjunga Base Camp area has a huge number of unique plants and animals because of the high summer rainfall. If you’re lucky, you might spot a glimpse of the elusive snow leopard or the red panda. Other species such as the Himalayan black bear and the Assamese macaque also inhabit this region. To preserve the vast numbers of unique flora and fauna found here, the whole region has been declared a conservation area. Besides natural beauty, this area also has a lot of cultural diversity, consisting of Rai and Limbu ethnic groups.

The trek to Kanchenjunga Base Camp was opened in 1950 on the Nepal side. However, it was only after 1988 that commercialized trekking groups have been undertaking the journey to the Kanchenjunga base camp.

Starting at an altitude of 2200 m, the Kanchenjunga Base Camp trekking route gradually rises to 3000 m in the first three days of trekking. Throughout the Kanchenjunga base camp trek, you get to bask in the full glory of the Himalayas – meandering through steep ridges, vast grasslands, and local Sherpa villages. Our first path follows the currents of the Tamur and Ghunsa rivers right to their source. The route descends to the Ghunsa Khola valley that leads to the beautiful village of Ghunsa, inhabited by Sherpas.

From here, you start climbing from the north side of Kanchenjunga and eventually reach the Kanchenjunga glacier. With the snowy glacier right in front of you and giant mountains surrounding you on all sides, this is where you get the feeling of serenity that the Himalayas are so famous for. Dominating the skyline are majestic peaks such as the Pyramid peak, the Twins, Jannu, and Kanchenjunga itself, in all its glory. Also visible are several 6000 m peaks that would have been considered full-fledged expedition mountains anywhere else but are reduced to the status of mere hills here.
Having visited the Kanchenjunga glacier, we now make our way back to Ghunsa and, in the next few days, cross three mountain passes to get to Tseram, the entry point to reach the Yalung glacier. Eventually, we make our way to the southern Kanchenjunga base camp. This is where the first people who climbed this enormous mountain started their ascent.

From the Yulung glacier, we then trek through several valleys, passes and ice ridges to eventually reach the magnificent river gorges that lead you to Tharpu. These regions are challenging as well as extremely remote. So, you get to enjoy your Himalayan adventure without worrying about it being spoiled by crowds of trekkers.
This trek will take you to a maximum altitude of 5143 m at the Kanchenjunga Base Camp. From walking along the torrents in the Tamur and Ghunsa rivers in the beginning to reaching high-altitude glaciers and ultimately the Kanchenjunga base camp itself by the end, the Kanchenjunga base camp trek in the pristine Himalayas is definitely the trip of a lifetime.

Highlights of the Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek

  • Kanchenjunga, the third highest mountain in the world with five chaste of snow Kanchenjunga Trek offer expedition of north and south Base Camps.
  • Different adventure types experience of glacier treks rather than normal walk on trails in Yulung glacier during Kanchenjunga Trek.
  • Stunning view of Mt. Makalu fifth highest mountain in the world and east face of Mt. Everest during the Kanchenjunga Trek.
  • Pristine rhododendron forest, native vegetation, high alpine passes (Selele la, Mringla and Sinionla) and typical agriculture can be experienced during the trek.
  • Tibetan refugee settlements Camp on Kanchenjunga Trek routes along with ethnic cast and group of Nepal like Sherpa, Limbu, and Rai.


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One night. 3-star hotel.

Our airport representative will be receiving you at Tribhuvan International Airport, Kathmandu and our staff will be displaying a Sherpa Expedition & Trekking signboard outside the airport terminal. You will be then transferred to your respective hotel by our private tourist vehicle. Note: Either on this day or the next day, there will be a pre-trek meeting. During the meeting, we will introduce your trek leader/guide. For the meeting, please make sure you bring the passport, three copies of passport-size photos and a readable copy of your travel insurance policy. During this meeting, please clear the due balance, if any, and sign the legally binding trip form as well as the non-liability disclaimer. Overnight at a hotel. No meals included.

4 to 5 hours 3-star Hotel

After a hearty breakfast, at 8.30 am your sightseeing trip will start. You will have a private vehicle and a professional tour guide at your service. Today we will visit some heritages site.

8 to 9 hours. Guest House

Pick up from the hotel in Kathmandu and take an early morning flight to Bhadrapur and then drive to Suketar, approximately 7-8 hours of drive. Overnight at a guesthouse. Breakfast included.

5 to 6 hours. Guest House

After breakfast, we will gear up for our trek. Our trek begins with an easy 4-5 hours of walk. A trail leads you to the village filled with Lush forest; a village serves you a local cultural taste. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours Guest House

After early morning breakfast, a trail takes you to the easy descent until Simbu, from here a steep climb begins until Kande Bhanjyang appears. Our trek will be through forests and small villages. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours Guest house

Today the path covers steep hillside through terraced fields high above the Kabbeli Khola. We face some ups and downs crossing side valleys but there are many shady spots to rest. After lunch, we pass the village of Anpan, before descending to cross the Kashawa Khola and finally, we climb again through terraced fields to the village of Phumphe Danda. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours. Guest House

The walk starts with an easy climb to Yamphudin along a track which contours the hillside above the Kabeli Khola then we pass the ridges and stream beds that make up the valley sides. Generally, the route is flat and the stream eventually becomes level with the trail, a couple of hours before Yamphudin. At last, we can stop to bathe in one of the clear pools within this beautiful river. It is truly an idyllic spot. After lunch by the river, we complete the day’s walk to Yamphudin, the most remote settlement in this area and the last village we will see until we reach Ghunsa. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours Guest House

Leaving villages behind, the trek begins through the pleasant forest. We can enjoy the constant views of Himalayas along our way. Our walk will be on a path along the Amji Khola. We also cross a pass at Lassiya Bhanjyang before reaching Tortong. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

4 to 5 hours Guest House

A long day trek begins! We follow the trail along the river through beautiful forest, the conifers giving way to the rhododendron forest. The sharp descent through forest continues down into the valley of the Simjua Khola. The scenery is impressive as we ascend past the snout of Yalung Glaciers into a series of ablation valleys, which gives easy walking and good camping. A frozen lake, clear streams, and views of Koktang, Rathong, and Kabru are the measure highlights of this stroll. Expect to feel the altitude today.

One day. Guest House

Our first close encounter of Mt. Kanchenjunga. Before starting a hectic trek, you can round the valley to see the stunning south face of Mt. Kanchenjunga and Jannu. After a beautiful morning at Ramche, then we get across the Yalung Ri Glacier and continue by a sweeping curve, at Oktang (4,730m). We can see breathtaking mountain panorama, especially impressive is Jannu while observing the glaciers flowing from its east face. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included

5 to 6 hours Guest House

From Oktang, we climb further up and reach the Yalung Base Camp. The crossing of high passes requires good health, weather, and of course perfect logistic support. The path tends to get more difficult but rewards you with a mesmerizing view of Mt. Kumbakarna (Jannu), Nyukla Lachung and other Himalayan peaks are close by. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours. Guest House

Yalung Glaciers and a series of valleys, give good walking and perfect camping. A frozen lake, clear streams and magnificent views are the major features of this stroll. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

7 to 8 hours. Guest House

We trek down the valley, passing the turnoff to the high and challenging Lapsang La route to Ghunsa and the north side of Kanchenjunga. This pass is rough and treacherous, especially for porters so we take the more southern set of passes, beginning with the Mirgin La. After an initial steep climb and several false summits, we reach Mirgin La. Besides, the majestic Jannu, on the horizon are Mt. Makalu, Gyakung Kang, Everest, Lhotse, and Chamalang. After 6 to 7 hours of tough walking, we reach our campsite located beyond the pass. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours Guest House

Our next destination is Ghunsa as we have to walk downwards via rhododendron and pine forest before reaching the largest and last village of the valley. Ghunsa is a picturesque Tibetan village where prayer flags are fluttered from the wooden houses and there are two monasteries, a welcome sight after the many days of wilderness. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours. Guest House

Gradually the trail ascends to the south of the Ghunsa Khola and crossing floodplains while emerging on a pasture situated at the north side of the river. A steep climb to a slope from where it crosses a slide and then descends to Lakeport. Mt Jannu can appear on our way to Kambachen, a small Tibetan settlement area surrounded by mountains. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

4 to 5 hours. Guest House

A gradual climb through rocky fields gets you to Ramtang at an elevation of 4,240 m then crossing northwest of the Kanchenjunga Glacier you reach Lhonak, which is on a sandy plain near a dry lakebed. We will camp between the boulders to stay out of the wind. There are beautiful mountain vistas all around. Water is very scarce in Lhonak and you will need to use only as much as absolutely necessary. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

6 to 7 hours Guest House

The main Kanchenjunga peak is only visible from Pang Pema, which is the base camp for expeditions on Kanchenjunga. From Lhonak, the trail gradually ascends across the plain but soon gets steeper as it follows the moraine. Pang Pema is at a height of 5,140 m. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours Guest House

A climb of 200 m or 300 m on a morning hike up a ridge, north of Pang Pema, provides a great stance point with views of Kanchenjunga, Wedge Peak, the Twins, and Tent Peak. Normally, the descent goes faster and you can reach Kambachen the same day. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours. Guest House.

We will retrace the same route we took when we were climbing up. We will be descending all the way back to Ghunsa, a Tibetan village. You can enjoy nature back to your destination for a day. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

4 to 5 hours Guest House.

Descending from Ghunsa, an hour of walk from there takes you to a village named Phale. We can witness many Monasteries along with Juniper forest till we reach Phale. Initially, we pass through the grassy hillsides where Amjilosa is perched. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours. Guest House.

After a short climb, we begin the steep descent that will take most of the day. On our start of trekking, a cascade of water falling from a height can be observed, we then reach the joining of the Tamur and Ghunsa Kholas. Marching forward, we finally reach to Sakathum. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours. Guest House.

We cross the Simbu Khola, which originates from Kanchenjunga’s south base camp, the Khola that we followed up from Tortong. At this low altitudes, we pleasantly feel warm and it is said that cardamom grows freely in the moist shaded forest. We reach Chirwa after crossing numerous small tributary streams, a village set among large boulders. This is an easier day. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

5 to 6 hours. Guest House

After a pleasant morning at Chirwa, we head to Taplejung. On our way, we can witness a lush forest filled with flora and fauna. About 8-9 hours of long walk we reach to a picturesque village, Taplejung. Overnight at a Guesthouse. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner included.

7 to 8 hours. Guest House

Traversing in an out of minor valleys, we pass through a succession of picturesque villages on our way to Bhadrapur. About 9-10 hours of long jeep drive takes you to Bhadrapur, to take flight next day. Overnight at a hotel. Breakfast included.

45 minutes 3-star Hotel

On the 30-minute Scenic flight, for the last time, you can enjoy a glimpse of the mountains you have recently visited. Our officer will come to receive you and transfers you to the hotel. In the evening we will have a farewell dinner in a traditional Nepalese restaurant with cultural performances.

25 minutes. None

The trip concludes – our airport representative will drop you to Kathmandu Tribhuvan International Airport for your flight departure from Nepal.


What's Price Includes

  • Airport / Hotel / Airport pick up & drop off service by a private tourist vehicle
  • Guided city tour in Kathmandu valley by a private tourist vehicle
  • Standard twin-sharing accommodation in a three-star hotel in Kathmandu including breakfast (3 nights only)
  • Standard twin-sharing accommodation in a guesthouse in Suketar 
  • All meals (Breakfast, lunch, and dinner) during the trek.
  • Local Sherpa Expedition and Trekking licensed holder English-speaking trekking guide
  • The required number of local staff and porters to carry your luggage during the trek (We assign one porter for every two guests)
  • Food, accommodation, salary, insurance, equipment, and medicine for all staff
  • All special trekking permits & fees
  • Trekkers Information Management System (TIMS)
  • Down jacket and sleeping bag, duffle bag by Sherpa Expedition and Trekking (which need to be returned after the trek)
  • Kathmandu-Bhadrapur airfare and vice versa
  • Sightseeing/Monument entrance fees in Kathmandu
  • Welcome and Farewell dinner in a traditional Nepali restaurant with cultural performances
  • All our government taxes

What's the Price Exclude

  • Lunch and dinner in Kathmandu
  • Travel insurance which covers emergency high-altitude rescue and evacuation
  • International airfare and airport departure tax
  • Alcoholic beverage and telephone calls
  • Hot drinks, Soft drinks such as cola, mineral water
  • Nepal Visa Fee
  • Wifi and battery charge
  • Personal expenses

Nepal entry visa; you can obtain the visa easily upon your arrival at Tribhuwan International Airport in Kathmandu (Tourist Visa with Multiple Entries for 15 days can be obtained by paying USD 25 or equivalent foreign currency. Similarly, Tourist Visa with Multiple Entries for 30 days.



  • Seasonable Sleeping bag and down Jacket (If you need it but has to be returned after the trek)
  • Duffle bag (We will provide duffle bag during the trek Sherpa Expedition & Trekking need to be returned after the trek)
  • A wind and waterproof thin layered jacket (Must have for morning and evening above 3,000m)
  •  Daypack

Upper Body- Head / Ears / Eyes

  • A pair of half gloves
  • The warmer hat that covers the ears
  • Sunglasses 
  • Neck warmer
  • Sunscreen (35 to 60 SPF)
  • Headlamp and an extra set of batteries


  • A pair of half gloves for walking poles(if you prefer)
  • Warmer shell gloves and liner

Center Body

  • long sleeve t-shirts
  • Thermal Tops
  • wool Jackets or pullover
  • Artificial sports bras for (Women and girls)
  • Water and windproof shell jacket 

Lower Body 

  • Thermal underwear (especially trousers)
  • windproof and waterproof trousers
  • warmer trouser
  • Comfortable trekking pants
  • Extra casual sport pants


  • A pair of good waterproof trekking boots
  • Pair of sandals
  • 4-5 pairs of woolen socks
  • Socks liner
  • Light shoes and sneaker

First Aid Kits and Medicines

  • Assorted Adhesive Bandages (fabric preferred)
  • Blister treatment
  • Insect testing / anti-itch treatment
  • Ibuprofen / other pain-relief medication
  • Diamox (125mg to 250mg tablets for altitude sickness)
  • Warps, splints, and wound coverings butterfly bandage
  • Water purifying pills

(Note our company guide will carry the medicines and first aid kits during the trek. However, we recommend better to  bring your personal first-aid kit as well)

Miscellaneous, but must useable

  • 4 pic passport sizes with original passport
  • Water bottle & filter
  • Flight details (please make a copy and leave one pic at our office in KTM because of if you won to change your flight date)
  • Bathroom kit (conform, should be included Toilet papers put on the plastic bag, hand wipes, towel, and soap, etc.)

Extra things

  • Comfortable trekking poles
  • Best energy dry foods (up to you)
  • Power Bank and music players 
  • Camera (Memory card, chargers, and extra batteries)


Hotel and Accommodation:

We offer you 3-star hotel accommodation in Kathmandu (3 nights) and Lodge/Teahouses during the Kanchenjunga Circuit Trek. Rooms are basic, normally just a bed with blankets and a pillow. All accommodation is on twin sharing basis except in the higher elevation or after Kambachen, you have to adjust in a homestay. Kanchenjunga trek is located in the remote areas so you may not have good restroom facilities or have to use a shared restroom. Sherpa Expedition and Trekking team provide you down jackets, sleeping bag, and duffle bag (which need to be returned after the trek).

Meals and drink during the trek:

Breakfast will be served in Kathmandu whereas all meals (breakfast, lunch, and dinner) will be provided during the trek. Food along the Kanchenjunga circuit Trek is much like it is elsewhere in Nepal, with a heavy reliance on rice, lentils and vegetable curries. We suggest you bring water purification pill as you get to have normal water, and can use pills to purify water. You also have the option to buy bottled water in case if you do not want to have normal water.


We provide your private car for the airport transfers and sightseeing tour to Kathmandu the very next day after your arrival. Flight from Kathmandu to Bhadrapur and back to Kathmandu is also included whereas you will be traveling by jeep from Bhadrapur-Suketaar.

Physical condition and past experience:

Kanchenjunga circuit trek is graded as highly challenging and a tough trek as we will be traveling in higher altitude for a long duration. This trek will be conducted in an undeveloped area where fewer infrastructures are to be found, the route gets precarious as it passes over a rock fall and streams. This trek follows all the way to remote areas and roads are normally narrow and may suffer from landslides, being extra careful is the only remedy towards it. Trekkers who have done any kind of trekking activities before making them easier to cope with higher elevation treks.



Trip Date Price Duration Seats Left

We Offer Group Discount

No. Of People Price Per Person
1 Pax USD 2,600
2 Pax USD 2,300
3 Pax USD 2,250
4 - 6 Pax USD 2,150
7 - 12 Pax USD 2,050
13 - 18 Pax USD 1,950
19 - 24 Pax USD 1,850
  • Best Price Guarantee
  • Hassle-Free Booking
  • Team of highly experienced Experts

All Inclusive Cost

USD 2,600

Per Person


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Kanchenjunga Trek 2018!

Pre-trip Info
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I did Kanchenjunga Base Camp Trek in November and it was a magnificent encounter. I am cheerful for picking Sherpa Expedition and Trekking to go with. Every one of the offices were incredible and I'm particularly happy with everybody. I particularly need to thank to my guide and cordial staffs of the organization for demonstrating kind accommodation and giving a plain domain. Highly Recommended!

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