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Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking is one of the pioneers of Trekking, tour and expedition in Nepal which was established on January 07, 1977, with a motto: ‘Enhancing Tourism possibilities across the Globe’. Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking is proud to be recognized as the fifth Trekking and Adventure company authorized by the Tourism Board of Nepal. Since its establishment, it has successfully been offering its world-class service to travelers around the globe We have strong dedication and commitment to make every holiday memorable for the rest of your life. We basically focus on safety and luxury, which has categorized us as a distinctive trekking and adventure organizer in Nepal. We have the experience of more than 40 years in tourism.

Our experienced and equipped team is always prompt and enthusiastic and ready to offer the best service to our guests. Their passion to organize and operate the trip is unique and earns us the praise of our clients with many returning years after year to climb new mountains. We are enthusiastic and ethical in our dealings with clients and always looking for something unique and seeking hidden mysteries on our mountain treks.

We honor our team, environment, culture and simultaneously promote sustainable tourism. Because of the quality and reliable service we offer, we have above 80 % of repeat clients. We treat them as family members, with many becoming overseas business partners. We offer the thrills of adventure and pleasure during the trip. Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking has maintained its goodwill in the international arena and at home in Nepal.

Tourists across the globe can rely and trust on Sherpa Expeditions and Trekking for a pleasant, adventurous, luxurious, economical and a memorable holiday in Nepal. We are committed to providing world-class service while protecting natural and cultural heritage. Ethical business practices are integral to our success.


The Sherpa; The Sherpa Expedition and Trekking company was 1997 started and in Nepal government Register named  Sherpa co-operatives given the name. For the most part, we did climbing, endeavor, outdoors, the home remains some more. Sherpa's are the mountain administrator, so we did proceed and recognizing our exaggeration. Sherpa's are the general population who live in the Himalayan areas of Nepal. For the most part, Sherpa individuals live in high Himalayas such as the Everest region (Khumbu valley). What's more, Sherpa individuals are dependably on top for mountaineering and ascending monster mountains. The voyage of ascending mammoth mountains began from 1953 when Tenzing Norgay Sherpa climbed the most noteworthy top on earth, Mount Everest.

Over the span of over six decades, in excess of hundred Sherpa climbed giant 8000-meter peaks including Mount Everest. Snow panther Ang Rita Sherpa, 21st times Everest Summiteer Appa Sherpa, Kami Rita Sherpa, Mingma Sherpa, quickest individual to climb Mount Everest Pemba Dorje Sherpa, etc. are the few mountain dweller legends from Sherpa co-agent network. Till today, more than 5000 people Mount Everest and the greater part of the excursions to goliath mountains are lead by Sherpa climbers/management. Consequently, trust it or not, Sherpa's were and are dependably pioneer in the Himalayas.

Leading an expedition in the extreme climate and danger zone is not easy; you’ll need experience, skill, and passion to lead towards thin air. Climbing high mountains has always the risk, need technical skills; need to acclimatize high altitude and lots of stamina. But nowadays, due to the high risk in the mountain, young Sherpa do not want to climb those high mountains. They look for the easy and safe profession rather than climbing. But the fact is only Sherpa can do these things better than others. So in order to training, motivate and follow our forefather’s step, Sherpa Shepherds is running several activities by which young Sherpa will adopt a climbing profession.

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