Everest Base Camp Trek during Monsoon

Jun 01, 2023

Everest Base Camp Trek during Monsoon

If you are thinking about trekking to Everest Base Camp during monsoon. Well, the month of June, July and August are specially considered as the monsoon season. Since the paths would be all wet, slippery and muddy due to the heavy rain, it won’t be easy at all. Although It is the main problem while hiking in monsoon season, their will various aspects that will want you to trek in this season more.

So, if you are confused about hiking to Everest Base Camp during monsoon season, here we have some information regarding why you might want to hike in this mpnsoon season.

Fewer Trekkers

Yes, since it is considered as an off-season, there won’t be many people to hike and the paths will be empty.

We can have all the trekking paths and Guesthouses to yourself. You will enjoy your time trekking in monsoon season if you do not as it crowed.

Solo Traveling

In this Monsoon season, the vegetation will be greener and the air will be fresh and cleaner. We can enjoy all the majestic and spectacular views of the mountains, forests and all sorts of vegetation.

The clouds might hinder our views during this monsoon season, sometimes. They will form in a certain way that the Himalayas will look more beautiful than ever.

Hence, we can get the chance to see the most amazing and unique biodiversity along our trek to Everest Base Camp.

Mountain covered with thick clouds

Off-Season Discounts

 Especially in June July and August of the year, you can most certainly expect a lot of offseason discounts. You can get cheaper airfare to Nepal. You can get cheaper accommodation in hotels and lodges during this season.

You can also get many things at cheaper rates. It will be very easier to get rooms in teahouse since there won’t be many travelers. So, you will definitely be in luck for money if you travel at this season of the year.

The Temperature During the Monsoon Season

Usually rains in the lower altitudes, below 3500 meters. Elevation above 4000 meters might have rainfall for a certain time. There are positive sides of trekking during the monsoon seasons as the excess rainfall can provide ample chance to see spectacular views of the waterfall and it’s also the best season to avoid the crowds.

During springtime, the average temperature is 15 degrees c, with a maximum of 30 degrees C (86 Degrees F), during sunny days and a minimum of -4 degrees C, in the morning and at night for areas above 4000 meters.

If you wanna know about the weather and temperatures of other months and seasons, please click here.

Precautions you need to take
Here are some precautions that you will have to take for the following problems

Wet and Muddy Trails

On the way to Everest Base camp will be many wet, muddy and slippery trails along the way. This is to be expected because of the rain. So, what can you do is wear good waterproof boots that will create a good amount of friction while trekking to Base Camp. You can even carry walking poles to help you with the support.

You have to Make sure to follow all the commands of the guide since they know the way.

Muddy Paths

Frequent Mosquitoes and Leeches problem

You won’t see any such insects on the Everest base camp but, on low altitudes, when you are on the way of the hiking you might face leeches and mosquitoes. You have to make sure to carry some ointments (insect repellent) or skincare products while trekking in the Monsoon season. Do not forget to carry of salt will help you to easily remove leeches from the skin.

Chances of Excessive Rainfall

You have to Make sure that you are prepared for heavy rainfalls. You might need to carry a raincoat with you in your trek. Wear trekking boots that are waterproof and have a good grip.


Other problems like flight delays and cloudy weather might surely occur. So, please be patient and be prepared for such conditions.

Tips for Everest Base Camp trek in Monsoon season

Here are some other trips that will help you with the trekking to Everest Base Camp:

You have to start your trek early mornings as the days are shorter.
You have to wear a good amount of dress. Bring quick-dry socks, waterproof boots, waterproof jackets and other waterproof clothes as possible.
You have to bring a Waterproof bag pack. Normal bags become heavier due to water.
you have to be ready to accept and walk in your wet feet as it will eventually get wet no matter how much you try.
You have to respect the knowledge of your guide and local peoples as they know more about what to do and what not to.
You will know about some other tips for Everest Base camp trekking or other types of trekking when you trek to Everest Base Camp.

Trekking Gears/Clothes:

Here are some of the important trekking that you will have to carry for the trip in the monsoon season.

  • Raincoat 
  • Waterproof boots with good grips.
  • Walking poles (for the support)
  • Skincare products ( skin ointments or mosquitoes repellent)
  • waterproof jacket and warm clothes.


This is the main fact that hiking in the monsoon season is a little bit harder than other seasons and lots of problems are to be expected.

Here are some positive aspects of this monsoon season are that you can get to observe the unique biodiversity that other season does not have. Either you can have the worst trip or the most wonderful and exciting trip of your lifetime. If you are one of a journey enthusiastic than Sherpa Expedition and Trekking would recommend you try hiking to Everest Base camp in monsoon season at least once in your lifetime for a more thrilling adventure.

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